Real-time regulatory data on virtual asset service providers from authoritative sources.

In the absence of uniform global regulation, data standards and public registers for virtual assets (VA) and virtual asset service providers (VASPs), accessing and processing regulatory data is a challenge.

How it works

To facilitate global compliance with FATF’s Recommendation for VASPs to conduct due diligence on counterparts, VASPnet acquires complete data directly from regulators in a variety of languages, scripts, and presentation methods across countries with VA regimes.


The authoritative source of regulatory data



By means of automated, semi-automated and manual methods, this data is standardised and assembled on the VASPdata platform.

Compliance solutions
Financial institutions

Our Data

The VASPdata platform provides two levels of data:

RegStatus Icon


This indicates whether a service provider in a specific jurisdiction:

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    is permitted to conduct virtual asset activities
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    has a pending application(s)
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    was previously permitted to conduct virtual asset activities but is no longer permitted
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    has been expressly named by a regulator as not regulated to conduct virtual asset services
RegData Icon


This refers to any further data made available by the regulator. It can include:

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    date of registration
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    name and contact information for a responsible representative
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    address of entity
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    permitted products and services
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    other known associated entities

Key Features


Data segregation & tiering

Data can be segregated at rest, and access available on a tiered-basis, entitling specific customers to premium and client-type specific data.


Bulk matching & bulk subscriptions

Intelligent matching between VASPdata and customer VASP records to streamline the onboarding process for data access and subscriptions.


Standardised data model

Data, irrespective of the language, script or format at source, is structured consistently for retrieval.

VASPdata adheres to existing data standards, including InterVASP messaging standard IVMS 101. In fact, we had a hand in developing it.


Enterprise grade information security

VASPdata has been tested and verified to uphold the highest levels of information security standards.

Search Queries


Search queries can be conducted through the Search REST API, a secure automated enquiry service.

Customer Portal

Search queries can be conducted through the customer portal interface.

More than 80% of the information provided in response to search queries is obtained or re-verified within the previous 24 hours.


Notification Icon

Be notified and updated if a VASP record changes.

After running a search query, users can specify if they wish to be immediately notified of subsequent detected changes to the RegStatus or RegData associated with a record. For example, if the name or address changes, permitted services or products are amended, or the service provider’s licence is suspended or revoked.

Contact icon

Be notified if a VASP is added to the database.

Users may also ask to be notified if information becomes available about a service provider for which no regulatory data is currently available, for example, if it is not licensed or registered at the time a search is made, but later becomes regulated.