How regulated are the world’s top crypto exchanges?

An assessment of the regulatory status of the world’s top centralised crypto exchanges (CEXs) that brings further clarity to the digital asset sector.

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VASPnet has partnered with CCData, a benchmark administrator authorised by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority and a leading provider of digital asset data and index solutions, to identify how regulated the world's top centralised crypto exchanges (CEXs) are.

VASPnet’s regulatory reference data product, VASPdata, streamlines and standardises data on virtual asset service providers (VASPs) from 89 regulators and public authorities in 70 different countries.[1] Once CCData identified the top 107 global CEXs[2] with the highest trading volume, VASPnet provided information on where they're located, how many are or are not under regulatory oversight and how many are operating in multiple countries.

Read our latest report to know more about the regulatory status of the top global CEXs.

[1] As of 16 February 2024.
[2] The full list of the 107 spot and derivatives CEXs that were assessed can be found